Shoulder pain leaves a cricketer out of action

A cricket player was worried he’d played his last innings when he fell heavily on his shoulder whilst diving for the ball during a match. He felt a debilitating sharp pain that left him unable to lift his arm at all.

He headed straight to the Accident & Emergency centre at the hospital where they conducted an X-ray to find the cause of the pain. Upon discovering that there was no fracture, he was sent home to rest.

Fast forward 10 days and our cricket player still couldn’t lift his arm at all. Fearing for his future in cricket, he came to our physiotherapy clinic in Ponsonby for help. We checked him over and sent him for an ultrasound to get to the heart of the matter.

It turned out he was suffering from a full ligament tear in his shoulder. We created a plan to get him back in the game as soon as possible. Using a combination of high-tech laser therapy, acupuncture, and strengthening, we were able to get him back to full movement within four weeks.

He was relieved to be putting on his whites and returning to cricket in just 8 weeks.



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