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Physio360 is committed to providing professional physiotherapy care to all forms of sports and teams requiring specialised care. We currently collaborate with various teams and sports to ensure our level of experience is kept at a high standard.

New Zealand Ice Hockey

Physio360 NZ is very proud to be the official physiotherapy provider for the New Zealand Ice Blacks since 2018, and the New Zealand Ice Fernz in 2019. Every year, we have been tasked with the responsibility of making sure these men and women stay in top form while competing in their international tournaments. We have so far travelled with the teams to Latvia, Spain, Austria, Romania, Colorado, Mexico, and Iceland in 2021. We are very proud to be involved with these top notch athletes.

Physio360 New Zealand Ice Hockey Ice Blacks Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Northcote Presidents Rugby

Physio360 NZ is the official physiotherapy provider
for all players and family members of the Northcote NOBRAS. Rugby is a sport that should be enjoyed by all ages. The Northcote Presidents Rugby Team (pictured here) are a testament to that. While it takes more than just strapping to hold these weathered souls together (at times duct tape and glue is needed), there is no challenge too big for us and we look forward to seeing these gentlemen relive their youth on the field one try at a time.

Botany Swarm

Botany Swarm Ice Hockey – Physio360 is the official physiotherapy provider for the Botany Swarm Ice Hockey Team, part of the New Zealand Ice Hockey League (NZIHL). The team had a record season in 2019, and is looking forward to the upcoming full season in 2021. Ice Hockey is a very fast paced an hard hitting sport, and the boys really keep our Physio Sunny on his toes!

Physio360 Ice Hockey Botany Swarm Auckland City