A real pain in the neck for a yoga instructor

One of our clients, a yoga instructor, came to us with neck pain after completing a handstand pose. Looking to relieve her pain, she made an appointment to see a chiropractor. After her consultation, she was still feeling pain in her neck, so she sought the help of an osteopath.

After about four weeks, she still couldn’t move her neck properly. She started experiencing shooting pains in the middle of her back, and sleep became nonexistent as it was too painful for her to relax and lie comfortably. Frustrated and about to give up, the yoga instructor booked an appointment with us at Physio 360.

We knew there was something amiss here, so we conducted the specific tests she needed and discovered that she had a bulging disc. To confirm our diagnosis, we sent her to have an MRI through a specialist and found out we were correct. She received a steroid injection which significantly reduced her pain, and worked with us for ongoing strengthening and acupuncture to resolve the stiffness in her muscles.

Within 10 weeks, with accurate diagnosing, she had made a full recovery, was pain-free, and able to go back to doing the work she loves.



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