Sore neck after gym

My neck is sore after lifting weights at the gym – help!

The neck is one of the most important but yet underappreciated areas in our body – it needs to carry the weight of our heads as well as moving around so we can see what’s around us. Given that the neck and shoulders need to work together properly, it’s important that you have good posture while lifting weights to maintain the balance between the two parts of your body.

Whether you’ve been lifting weights as part of your workout routine for a while or you’ve just started, neck pain isn’t something you should ignore. Neck pain after working out could be caused by a variety of different reasons, including improper technique, overly heavy weights, or general fatigue. If you’re feeling pain in your neck after lifting weights, it’s important to call in the professionals to help you recover and get back to your weightlifting routine sooner.

What could have caused my neck pain?

There are a few common reasons you might be feeling neck pain after lifting weights in the gym. 

1. You might be pushing your chin too far forward. This can cause the alignment in your neck to be off balance, leaving the smaller muscles in your neck to take the load instead of the stronger ones. This imbalance can lead to pulled muscles in your neck, causing you pain. 

2. Your weights might be too heavy. Part of working out and strengthening your muscles includes increasing your weights, but if you’re working with weights that are too heavy, this is going to cause problems for your neck. Generally, you will see this when people try to lift weights heavier than their body can stabilise, and so the neck pulls forward and down to activate the abs harder (yes your neck muscles are connected to your abs!)

3. You might be rounding your shoulders too much. When you’re working out, incorrect posture can cause muscle imbalances, especially if you’re rounding your shoulders. If you’re tired, or your weights are too heavy, it can be easy to forget the right posture, but to avoid neck pain, you’ll need to get it right.

How can I fix my neck pain?

With neck pain, it’s important in the first instance to chat to a physiotherapist. They can use the right techniques to alleviate any pain you have, and they’ll also show you how to avoid injuring your neck during a workout in future. 

Physiotherapy treatment for neck pain usually involves a combination of joint mobilisation or manipulation and muscle strengthening. Acupuncture has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of neck pain, so if you can get both treatments in one go like we offer at Physio360, you’ll be on the right track!

We can help you reduce any neck pain and stiffness, improve the range of motion in your neck, and help you strengthen your neck and its supporting musculature.

If you’ve got pain in your neck from lifting weights at the gym, don’t delay – come and see our expert physiotherapy team in Ponsonby and we’ll get you pain-free, faster.



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