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Who are we? We are a team of dedicated and highly qualified staff, based in Ponsonby and Freemans Bay area. We take pride in providing top quality treatment to all walks of life at the highest standard to ensure you recover as quickly, comfortably, and effectively as possible. We pride ourselves in our quality research based approach to physiotherapy. We combine a hands on approach with the best treatment recommendations available for every injury. We believe in developing and maintaining positive relationships and trust with our clients. Our ability to deliver up to 60 minutes per consultation allows us to effectively care for and communicate regarding injuries and rehabilitation.

 We always have our client’s best interests at heart, and we provide the option of combining acupuncture and physiotherapy to promote the recovery process. We will also refer other clinically appropriate sources such as sports physicians and medical specialists where appropriate. We always focused on improving the abilities of our staff. Through mentoring and in-service teaching, we ensure that our staff maintain the most appropriate and current skillset. 

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As a practice, we have a strong sense of responsibility in giving back to the community at both a national and grassroots level. We work closely with grassroots rugby teams that would not normally have access to physiotherapy and sideline support for senior teams. We are the official providers of physiotherapy care for the Botany Swarm Ice Hockey team and we are also very proud to be the official providers of physiotherapy care for the New Zealand Ice Blacks. The Physio360 NZ mission is to provide the highest level of care to all walks of life


Sunny graduated with his Bachelors of Health Sciences (Physiotherapy) in 2014, and has since worked in a variety of settings, both public and private. After acquiring a broad knowledge base and understanding the shortfalls of healthcare in private and public practise, Sunny decided to branch out on his own to provide a holistic approach to care for all patients. Sunny has also gained his advanced qualification in dry needling since graduating, and is continually looking to expand his skillset. Sunny believes that everyone should always understand the cause and effect for any of their injuries. He provides value to the community by not only treating the root cause of injury through physiotherapy, but also seeks to share the knowledge thus empowering his clients to reach a state of full recovery and wellness. Sunny hopes to one day branch out further and pursue his medical degree, with the aim of becoming a surgeon. When he’s not working, Sunny enjoys taking long rides on his motorbike and taking his dog Eva out for walks and to the beach.


Lisa graduated with her Bachelors of Health Sciences (Physiotherapy) in 2006. Since graduating, she has worked in a variety of settings, from women’s health, to physiotherapy for schools. Over the years, Lisa developed a particular interest for pain management and treatment of spine related injuries. She gained advanced qualifications in dry needling, and spinal mobilisations and manipulations and has since worked with a vast array of clients from different backgrounds. Lisa believes in having a balanced work-life arrangement, and is a proud mother to a pug named Otto who travels with her on her motorbike wearing what we refer to as “Poggles” (Pug Goggles). Make sure you ask her for a photo, it most certainly brightens our day. She also enjoys taking trips away with her husband whenever their schedules allow for it.


Johnny graduated with his Bachelors in Acupuncture in 2016 in New Zealand. Prior to this, he wan working at a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital based in Taiwan, where he was charged to attending to 8-10 patients per hour with varying ailments. Johnny believes in treating his patients holistically, and addresses all aspects of their injury presentation. He has always had amazing results with his clients, and has been nicknamed “The Magic Man” because of his ability to make pain disappear. When he’s not at work, Johnny enjoys gardening and playing with his daughter. Although he advises that occasionally, he does forget to water his plants.