If there is a chance it might be broken, or there is bleeding, please consult a doctor at a nearby A&E immediately.
No you don’t, we can register you with ACC when you come to see us.
Rest, Ice (10 minutes every 2 hours), elevate if possible, take anti-inflammatories if it is safe to do so (consult your GP if in doubt)
Wear clothes appropriate to the injury, usually a singlet and shorts would do just fine (bring it along if you have to).
Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you, but the norm is to have physiotherapy 1-2 times per week depending on the injury.
ACC will have to provide prior approval for physiotherapy for any injuries that are more than 1 year old.
Definitely, just bring along any letters you might have from the hospital/surgeon to ensure we can see you safely.
Just give our lead physiotherapist Sunny a call on 0800 360 PHYSIO, he will happily discuss any questions further.
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